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Eyebrow Threading VS Waxing

Growing up in Nigeria, I saw women with different ways of managing their brows. Some let the brows grow out, some got rid of every single hair and drew a thin line. As I grew older, the art of grooming the brows became more popular, and most people used a blade. I still ask my mom to send me packets of those blades, they are little rectangular shaped metals, and extremely thin too.

On getting to the US in 2010, there was the art of waxing, threading and tweezing. Threading is something I have fallen in love with. I still shuttle between waxing and threading and I’ve done a series of research about the two, and according to Teen Vogue, all methods work just fine.

I have been able to take pictures of the two eye brow threading ladies I came across in Bloomington.

Pictures by Felicia Akanmu

Bloomington Residents Rally For Peace In Syria

protester holds placard that says "how is killing thise who kill stop killing"
protester holds placard that says “how is killing thise who kill stop killing”



The day after President Obama addressed the nation to build the case for air strikes against Syria, demonstrators gathered at Bloomington’s courthouse square to hold a prayer vigil.



On the anniversary of September 11, demonstrators called for peace with songs, poems, prayers and picket signs proclaiming; ’Stop the escalation,’ ‘No war in Syria.’

“It’s a civil war going on over there that needs to be handled on its own,” Brian Hugo-Kloss said. “I don’t think we should be taking sides.”Several protesters including Hugo-Kloss said they would not support military action of any kind.

“As a free country, as a democracy, I don’t think that it is in our best interest to go and foreignly intervene in other people’s affairs,” said Hugo-Kloss.

The groups that organized the vigil plan to hold another one in Bloomington next week.

Pictures: Felicia Akanmu