El hambre de la riqueza

Millennial: This is the most popular term used to describe people like me, these days. When I say people like me, I mean people in the same age bracket as I am: people generally born between the early 1980’s, mid 1990’s to early 2000s.
But what is it about this generation?
Why are we labeled as lazy?
Why are we labeled as shallow minded, materialistic, and even disrespectful?
In fact, it seems we’re constantly being described by words that can make us hate ourselves?
Are we really shallow? Or are we even lazy?
I think some these things are true!
Now before you have my head, please read a little further.

Graphic from whymillennialsmatter.com

One thing we cannot deny is the desperate thirst and hunger for wealth and luxury in our generation. Yes, I know, politicians are guiltier…but I’m talking about US here.
Is there anything wrong with wanting to be wealthy? Absolutely not! I mean, it’s the reason we were told to “go to school and face your studies, success would follow”, right? Exactly! So I’m all for wealth.

I was chatting via Instagram, with a friend the other day, let’s call him Bode. He vented a bit about the “condition” of our generation. Initially, I thought he was being corny but I listened a bit more paid closer attention and BAM! I realized we do have people with depth in our generation. He wasn’t faking being deep or nothing. My take on all he said is that our generation is too desperate, not for just success, but MONEY and WEALTH and all that comes with them. Not just that, we would do ANYTHING to amass wealth! And therein is where the main problem lies. Is he right? Yes!!

Prior to my little chat with “Bode”, I was talking to my co-worker earlier about this: his name is Qwinn, an American, and he made some valid points. He said he thinks people in this generation are in constant pursue of wealth because it has been sold to us as success. You’re taught to go to school, work hard, raise a family…and continue the cycle. Therefore, if we’re not getting wealthy, doing well at work, getting the glamorous white-collar job, we fear being “a failure”, because success stories include wealth!

So now I had the perspectives of two different people from two different backgrounds.
Now what do I think?

I think both guys are correct. And I don’t think it’s healthy to not be in pursuit of success. Now you’ll have to define what success is for yourself. I’m still on that journey of defining what success is for me- and fulfillment: losing weight, getting another degree, writing more, keeping more in touch with my friends, being able to drop some bad habits, etc. are all examples of what my success story include.

“This piece is getting too long…”-my current thought. Oh well~

Now here is what bothers me:
What are we going to teach the coming generations about fulfillment, self-awareness, morals, values and the likes, if we rate pretty low in those aspects ourselves?
Why are young people being daily arrested for fraudulent activities? AND why are they being praised for that lifestyle?
Recently, a popular Nigerian rapper, FalzTheBadGuy, said in a short interview that certain things needed to stop being glorified!

Picture from Nollywoodaccess.com

Of course, there were mixed responses to that-some supported, while some called him a hater. Which begs the question: How on earth are we not all automatically against being fraudulent? And other things related to it? To make matters worse, a lot of these people use this sudden or not so sudden wealth for Guccis and Pradas, Vixens and Yatches. So Pray do tell, how are we not all 100% against such?
How is this trend of getting rich at ALL cost, becoming a norm? Because it is…
How is the idea of getting a 9-5 job a lame move?
When did earning an honest living, no matter how mediocre become less praiseworthy than popping bottles of Moet and Ace of Spades in Guccis and Audemars Piguet watches (I WANT ONE TOO!!!) – for the sake of being “Bad and Bougie”? Sorry I really like that song, haha!
When did being a professional /Instagram/Snapchat “slay mama” become more exemplary than busting our butts (no pun intended), to earn an honest living while keeping our moral compasses upright?
I don’t know about you, but it’s mind-boggling!

Picture from familywhitecounty.com

If at this year, stage, age and time, our society is this way, PLEASE tell me, what are we going to teach our children? We say “it takes a village to raise a child”, on what grounds would your village help raise your child?

Or am I getting this all wrong?? Please let me know!