“Saber la diferencia entre el oro y chapado”

The other day, I was snooping around on my phone- my Blackberry Messenger app to be precise. Although, a lot of people around this part of the world don’t use Blackberry phones anymore, the Blackberry phones and messenger app have always been and are still big hits in Nigeria. I’ve lived outside Nigeria for years now, but I’m stuck on my BBM, can’t let go, and won’t let go! Okay I digressed…a whole lot!

Anyway, my friend updated her status on BBM with a statement: “Saber la diferencia entre el oro y chapado”. We had an argument earlier that morning, so of course I thought the “status” was a subtle jab at me. I then went on Google translate to look up what it means, since I don’t speak Spanish. It simply means: the difference between gold and gold plated.
Now, remember I said I had gotten in an argument with this friend of mine, who put this up as a status. Therefore, like the “normal” person I am, I started processing what that status meant. “Am I gold plated or gold?!” You can’t blame me.

picture from Telegraph.co.uk
picture from Telegraph.co.uk

Let’s dig in a bit:

Some characteristics of gold: It lasts forever. There are no two ways to gold. It holds its worth forever, it does not diminish, nor does it tarnish. It’s pretty expensive and therefore, not everyone can afford it.

Some characteristics of gold plated: It is cheap! Everyone can own one. It “appears” to be actual gold. The difference is that there is the barest minimum amount of gold right on the surface of any other metal. It diminishes and tarnishes over time, and the base metal used usually has bad effects on the skin- rashes, green skin, etc.

According to http://www.heirlume.co/blogs/gift-guide/9506971-the-ultimate-guide-to-differentiate-solid-filled-and-plated-gold-jewelry , “Solid gold jewelry is the most desired and retains its resale value for longer periods of time versus gold plated or gold filled jewelry. Prices may be daunting, but remember – purchasing a solid gold piece of jewelry is an investment. In the long run, you could end up spending just as much re-purchasing costume jewelry that’s wearable as you would have buying one quality piece of solid gold jewelry.”

You’re wondering why I’m talking about gold jewelries right? Think about it: There are people in our lives who are gold and some who are just gold plated!

Picture found on pint rest.com
Picture found on pint rest.com

If you replace the “gold” with “people” in the aforementioned comparisons, then it’ll make sense. People who are “gold” are “solid people”. They don’t pretend to be who they are not. They are not sweet at the beginning stages of meeting them, then become mean, manipulative, and all shades or negative later- that’s for people who are “gold plated”.
Not everybody can have a “gold” person, you need to be a “gold”, not a “gold plated” to have a gold person. Basically, we need to strive to be a better version of ourselves as much as possible. We need to be the kind of friend we want to have. We need to keep it real always. At the end of the day we’re all a work-in-progress.

It is said, that purchasing a solid gold piece is an investment. That means, working hard to be a better person and stepping up to be whom a “gold” person deserves, is an investment. You’ll benefit from it on the long run, and your “gold” person would benefit from it too.

Lastly, check yourself, are you Gold or Gold-plated?