Back at it Again!

Happy New Year!!!

Hello!! Anybody there?!!


Of course nobody is here…my last post was in December 2014. It was the last time I did anything on this website. The last time I looked at the theme. The last time I remotely tried to type up a post.
It’s been a mix of fear, procrastination, laziness, and life. But hey, I’m back- hopefully back for good!

I’m sitting at my departure gate- B19 at the Ronald Reagan Airport, flying back home to Michigan. My flight has been delayed twice, which means I don’t get home till later, which further means, I’m not going to get enough sleep tonight, which then means I’m probably going to be cranky at work tomorrow, which means…I can go on forever! This whole thing got me thinking.

Life really never goes the way we plan, but we always just have to make do with what we have and make things happen. I’d give you an example: I went back to graduate school and got a degree in Multimedia Journalism, conquered every single challenge that came at me, like a boss!, graduated well, went back to Nigeria for a little celebratory vacation, came back to the US. I came back with the hope of jump starting my career: writing up a storm about everything, editing, traveling and the likes…that did not happen. In fact, nothing close to it happened. Now you can understand why I pretty much dropped of the surface of “the word press”!

Although, I do not work for a news agency or on a Communications team (Please don’t ask me what I do. Yes, I have a job-a full time job!), I realize I have my fingers and a computer and did I mention my way with words? I’ve got that too! Therefore, I’m back!

PS: Thank you to every single person that has hounded me, nagged me, pushed me and sorta-kinda-encouraged me to get to writing in my space and not just on other people’s blogs, I appreciate every gesture.
To everyone who has asked for my editing “services”, thank you and I’m still here.
Is there anything you want to see me write on? Drop a comment, shoot me an email, text, just reach out to me.

Thank you!!!