The IU School of Optometry is benefitting from the Closure of a Non-Profit Organization

This is a story I did for WTIU, I also did a radio version of it. All videos were shot and edited by me.

The Non-profit, saving Sight provided donated services and eyeglasses to low-income Hoosiers, it recently dissolved but because it still has money in its endowment fund, the board of directors is allocating $14,000 each year to the IU eye care center.

Video and Video Production: Felicia Akanmu

MCCSC Hosts Public Meeting To Discuss Two Failing Schools

There’s a public hearing Tuesday for two Monroe County Schools labeled as failing. Fairview and Highland Park each received F’s from the state in 2013. Fairview also received an F in 2012.

The state requires schools that receive F’s to hold public hearings. MCCSC Director for Schools, Beverly Smith says the district is also working with the state to develop an improvement plan.

“When I say the state I’m talking about the Indiana Department of Education, to come up with plans to address the low grades and the low achievements and we will be talking about that tomorrow night. There will be presentations from both principals, as well as a chance for public comment”

The meeting starts at 7 o’clock Tuesday night.

Although Fairview and Highland Park individually received F’s, the MCCSC district overall received an A grade in 2013.