My name is Felicia OR Funke Akanmu. You really can call me either, as long as you do not pronounce “Funke” as “Funky”. Try “Fun-kay” or “Fun-Keh”.


I am from Nigeria, born and raised there.
I am Writer.
I am a natural editor- I’m dead serious about that.
I love cooking- ask my friends, I have a few of those.
Napping is MY thing- I can teach you the art of Napping.
Babies are not the only “bundles of joy”, I am too- seriously.

I’m pretty much your Nigerian-American girl next door, trying to figure this whole thing we call life, one day at a time.

This website is a place I dump thoughts, musings and all whatnot…I welcome your input too. After all, we are all getting to do life together.

Thank you!

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Writer, Editor, Multimedia Journalist, Food and Nap connoisseur…Girl next door.